Diane Robinson

Diane Robinson

Diane Robinson along with her late husband, Cordell Robinson founded the Wings of Hope Foundation in the winter of 2003. Diane's compassionate heart and dedication to the mission of this organization has been the driving force behind its success to date. Diane has always had a heart to want to make life better for those in need. Diane has worked with a variety of charitable programs, including Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth 1993-1994 and has served as a Vista Volunteer from 1992-1993. Diane's education includes course work from Columbus State Community College in the areas of speech, interviewing, counseling and chemical dependency. She has also received trainer certification in alcohol prevention through Hoola, and trainer certification in drug prevention and parent education from Parent to Parent.

Services We Provide

The homeless are those without a home, an address, the basic necessities of life. The homeless are those who suffer the bone chilling winter of Columbus in shanties, in tents, under tarps, or even huddled under an umbrella in a storm. The homeless may stink and are often hungry. They may be drunk, under the influence of drugs or sober. Some are college graduates. They may be less than five years old or more than seventy. They could be me or you if not for the grace of God. The mission of the Wings of Hope is to provide assistance to those in need. We provide clothing food toiletries. We also provide spiritual counseling and encouragement. In the future we would like to be able to provide shelter and professional counselors, doctors and a variety of other crucial elements necessary to help facilitate their return to society.

About The Foundation

The Wings of Hope Foundation began in December 2003. It was started by Diane Robinson and her husband Cordell. On this cold day in December they decided to take blankets, coats, gloves and food into a homeless camp located near downtown Columbus Ohio. They were greeted by grateful people and very quickly gave away everything. Unfortunately they had not brought enough supplies to meet the needs of everyone in the camp. The following weekend they returned armed with additional supplies. Through the winter of 2003 this small group pooled their resources and those of willing friends and family to help this community of homeless survive. They even resorted to selling off some of their own personal possession to finance their efforts. Before long they realized that the need was far greater than they could finance on their own. They began to dream of ways to reach more people in even greater ways. The dream is to provide far more than just temporary help. The dream expanded to finding shelter and a way to help down trodden family's find their way back into mainstream society. They dreamed of owning a shelter house where the homeless could find safety as they rebuild their lives.